Gaisu Yari

Work Experience: Afghanistan, August 2015 to Present
Work Experience: U.S., 2008 to August 2015
Work Experience: Afghanistan, 2004 to July 2007

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA – May 2015 (GPA 3.7)
B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies
B.A. in Women’s Studies

Middle East Institute, Washington, DC – May 2014
Intensive 9 day UVa research course – Americans in the Middle East: Why do they hate us? – utilizing the National Archives, Library of Congress, and think tank resources, and attending lectures by Arab activists, diplomats, and journalists, and by U.S. and Israeli international relations specialists.

 Piedmont Virginia Community College, Charlottesville, VA – 2011 to 2013

 George Washington University, Washington, DCJuly 2007
With funds from the U.S. Provincial Reconstruction Team, upon being selected by the PRT as one of two Afghan women to attend a twenty day training on democratization and the U.S. constitution.

Internews Training Station, Kabul, Afghanistan – January 2006
Two week radio journalism and skills training to promote positive social change required and sponsored by the international non-profit Internews before placement as a reporter at one of its stations, Jaghori Radio.

Asia Foundation, Kabul, Afghanistan
Consultant: Donor Coordinator – Eight month contract ending October 2016
Contact: Latif Bashardost, Chief of Party, MORE Project:
Agency liaison with the Ministry of Women, responsible for implementing, supporting, and overseeing AF’s projects to strengthen this government agency.

UN Commission on the Status of Women, New York City
Participant & Technical Support – March 2016
As one of seven government appointed members of the Afghan delegation, I participated in bilateral meetings with the UNDP, UNWOMEN, USAID, UNODC, UNESCO, and UNICEF and assisted other members with their interactions with these agencies. I provided technical support to prepare Afghan panelists for two side events which I also helped facilitate, and also translated, from Dari to English, the Minister of Women’s Affairs, speech before the entire body.

HUDA Development Organization, Kabul, Afghanistan
Consultant – November 2015 to Present
Contact: Mohammad Jebran Mudaser, Director:
Providing technical advice on prospective women empowerment projects and designing and organizing the training, How To Be An Advocate.

Women’s Creative and Artistic Organization (WCAO), Kabul, Afghanistan
Board Director/Founder – December 2015 to present
WCAO and it’s non-profit affiliate Banoo (Women) are focused on economic empowerment and education for women in Mazar, Ghazni and Kabul. Handicrafts produced by women participating in the organizations will be sold in and outside of Afghanistan. An exhibition is being planned for summer 2016.

Paiwand Emroz Social and Cultural Organization (PESCO), Kabul, Afghanistan
Consultant – November 2015 to February 2016
Contact: Mohammad Shah Babal, General Director:
Providing technical advice related to gender programs in the north provinces.

Women Press, Kabul, Afghanistan
Board Member, English Section Cordinator & Reporter  March 2015 to December 2015
An online media of analysis and reflection about issues affecting women’s development in Afghanistan.

Advocacy: Women’s Rights in the Middle East, Afghan Women, Women in Conflict
Volunteer –
2008 to Spring 2015
Promoting awareness of women’s issues and support of women’s rights as a panelist, speaker, and author of articles sponsored or published by international rights organizations, academic institutions and among others, by the  ROTC. For details, see Publications and Presentations

Advocacy: Persian Language and Culture, University of Virginia
Language Assistant Fall 2014 to Spring 2005
Contact: Alireza Korangy Isfahani, Persian and Middle East Studies Professor: UVa Shea House resident specialist for language immersion, ensuring students studying Persian had many and diverse opportunities to practice by monitoring their Persian during dinner four nights a week, facilitating a weekly, hour-long Persian conversation group, and organizing culture-specific events.

Persian Language Reinforcement, University of Virginia
Volunteer Instructor  – October 2014 through Spring 2015
Providing a weekly tutoring lab, or individualized session for those who could not attend, to interested UVa Persian language students outside the UVa Shea House who needed to practice Persian or help with homework difficulties.

International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF), Washington, DC
Interviewer – October 2013
Contact: Alana Barton, Program Manager:
Via Skype, interviewing (in Dari) Afghan journalist Najiba Ayubi, winner of IWMF’s 2013 Courage in Journalism Award and translating transcript into English for IWMF which adapted its contents into the article published at

Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF), Arlington, VA
Internship – June to August 2013
Contact: Kari Ross, Assistant to the President:
Promoting awareness and action on the issue of forced marriage in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Afghanistan through lobbying congressional offices and representing the FMF at related conferences and other events. Identifying and translating (from Dari to English) articles and other information on the
foundation’s Afghan webpage at Writing two articles published by the FMF at

The Forum, Piedmont Virginia Community College (newspaper), Charlottesville, VA
Reporter – 2012 to 2013
List of publications available upon request.

Starbucks, Springfield and Charlottesville, VA
Shift Supervisor – 2012 to present
A source of income to support my studies and initially, to learn and practice English and U.S. culture.

Starbucks Community Outreach Program
Volunteer – 2012
Participating in a partnership with Habitat for Humanity to help construct a dwelling.

Persian Tutor
Volunteer – 2010
For military officer in Springfield and Charlottesville, Virginia who was awaiting deployment.

Women to Women International Letters of Hope Campaign
Volunteer – 2010
Exchanging letters with women in Afghanistan and Africa who have suffered war and gender discrimination.

Lutheran Community Services, Worcester, MA
Volunteer – 2008-2009
Organizing student files and helping refugee students with homework assignments.

In the ex-conflictive zone of Sangimasha, in Jaghori District, part of Ghazni Province.

Jaghori Radio
Radio Reporter – March 2004 to July 2007
Preparing or editing and reading local, national and international news; hosting the daily “Live Q and A” and weekly live poetry programs; and controlling and providing technical support for the sound system.

Jaghori Public Library
Librarian Assistant Spring 2004 to Winter 2005
Receiving and organizing books and providing leadership and other support to students organizing literacy public events.

 Adult Literacy Classes
Instructor for Women’s Classes – Spring 2002 to Winter 2004
Sponsored by Future Generation & U.S. Agency for International Development

Massaouda Jalal Campaign
Voter Participation Advocacy Volunteer – 2004
Educating and motivating community residents and especially women to vote for the only female candidate who is from a different ethnic background than those living in Jaghori.

Competencies: Strong organizational and management skills and detail oriented; excellent communication and interpersonal skills; an effective team player; a passion and aptitude for advocacy; and a demonstrated abilities for timely academic reports and investigative journalism.

Citizenship:  in Afghanistan and the U.S. (2015)

Languages: Dari (old Persian, closer to Arabic), English and Farsi (Persian)

Blog: Another Afghanistan is a blog focused on my experiences and aspirations.

Work, academic and personal references not cited above will be provided upon request.