Welcome to my blog. My name is Gaisu Yari. I returned to Kabul in August 2015 – after studying in the U.S. where I also obtained citizenship – to build upon my knowledge, skills and apply them to promoting women’s rights in Afghanistan.

Diverse experiences have shaped my bi-cultural awareness and broad understanding of the difficulties and possibilities of being a woman in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

The purpose of this site is to expand my networking efforts. I welcome both your invitations to share my knowledge through articles or presentations, internships, employment or other collaborations. (yarigaisu@gmail.com)


I have held many jobs in Afghanistan, among them, media reporter, community activist, and my current position as a women’s rights liaison between international donor agencies and the Afghan Ministry of Women’s Affairs. My U.S. positions have included speaker and trainer on women’s rights in Afghanistan and the Middle East, and Persian culture and language specialist.


I am always interested in participating in diverse venues where I can share my experiences in an effort to educate people about Afghan women and gender issues in the Middle East.


I have published articles on websites of international organizations, in two Afghan newspapers and in college venues.

Poems in Farsi

I have always enjoyed writing poetry which I find nourishing and cathartic. Whenever possible I will be posting my past and present pieces

Suggested References

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Like most people, I have been very fortunate to receive the support of some very good people and/or organizations.